Council Considers White Rock Civic Center

Anne Laurent, Community & Economic Development Director addresses Council on the issue of the White Rock Civic Center. A committee worked for six weeks to redesign the White Rock Civic Center complex. Option 1 is being recommended for approval. This includes a new library building located near the existing skate park in White Rock. This option also assumes repurposing the existing library and the existing Senior Center for a redesigned Senior Center which would include a commercial kitchen. Laurent noted that Option 3 did not receive a lot of support among the stakeholders. Photo by Greg Kendall/ from PAC8 Internet Broadcast.


Charlie Kalogeros-Chattan, Community Services Director provides information to the Council about the White Rock Civic Center options. She informed the Council that every time a new book is added at the White Rock Libraray, an old book must be removed. She also said that the redesigned Senior Center includes a commercial kitchen which would allow for meals to be provided to Seniors in White Rock. Photo by Greg Kendall/ from PAC8 Internet Broadcast.

Overview from Agenda:

Basic operational and customer needs were used to reset project criteria that included the following:

–      Focus on size reduction of new buildings and renovation/repurposing of existing buildings;
–      Give preference to design options that meet new budget constraints and move project forward without delay;
–      Limit improvements to main programs of the White Rock Library, Senior Center and Youth Activity Center;
–      Lessen importance of co-located service functions;
–      Return to WRMP implementation objectives for catalytic development; and
–      Give priority to utilizing property owned by County.
Three options were identified and evaluated:
–      Option1 (Distributed Functions on County Properties) – New Library and renovated Youth Activity Center at Piñon Park; and renovation of current Municipal Complex for an expanded Senior Center.
–      Option 2 (Distributed Functions on Private/County Properties) – New Library on Longview Drive parcel (former Ed’s Food Market/bowling alley) in Sherwood Village: renovated of Youth Activity Center and an expanded Senior Center per Option 1.
–      Option 3 (Consolidated Functions at Piñon Park) – New, co-located and significantly reduced-in- size Library and Senior Center; renovated Youth Activity Center per Option 1.
Options 1 and 3, using the reset project criteria, were advanced to the consulting architect for detailed functional footprints and costing (Attachment A and B).  Option 2 was not pursued because it requires additional time for a detailed analysis of the existing building, the building is currently privately owned, has occupants, and would require successful negotiations for the purchase or long-term lease agreement between the property owners and the County in order to move forward.
The collaborating parties are in agreement in recommending Option 1 as the preferred alternative for the following reasons:
–      The option satisfies current and projected space needs for both Library and Senior Center.
–      Youth Activity Center staff is satisfied with existing location and prospect for refurbishment in Piñon Park.
–      Option 1 anchors new development at either end of Longview Drive and supports future improvements and redevelopment within Sherwood Village.
–      Design and construction can be accomplished done within retargeted budget.
–      Option 1 makes good use of County owned assets.
–      Option does not negatively impact existing Piñon Park amenities and provides opportunity for distinctive and integrated Piñon Park Complex.
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