Council Calls for Changes to Contract for Operation of Visitor Centers

Katy Korkos and Kevin Holsapple of the Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation answer questions from the County Council. Photo by Greg Kendall/ from PAC8 Internet Broadcast.

The Contract For General Services, Agreement No. AGR13-3889 with Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation (dba Los Alamos Meeting & Visitor Bureau), in the amount of $195,480, plus applicable Gross Receipts Tax, for the purpose of Visitor Operations And Management Services was pulled by Council from the Consent Agenda.

The Los Alamos Meeting and Visitor Bureau (LAMVB), a program of the Los Alamos Commerce & Development Corporation (LACDC), is the sole respondent to the County’s Request For Proposal RFP No. 2012-1827. In addition to five key staff, LAMVB manages 28 dedicated visitor center staff and volunteers who provide services ranging from visitor reception, information services and administrative support to keep the visitor centers open.

Council asked Kelly Stewart, Economic/Marketing Coordinator for clarification of the activities required under the contract. Concern was raised by Councilors Mike Wismer, Geoff Rodgers and Chair Sharon Stover about restructuring the contract to include more outreach to attract and support organizations involved in high altitude sporting events to promote Los Alamos as a recreation destination.

After a good deal of discussion, Council voted 6 to 1 to direct staff to redraft the contract to further clarify parternship activities for recreation and formal competitive events in Los Alamos. A bridge contract to operate the visitor centers will be put in place by County Administrator Harry Burgess’ office while waiting for the contract to be redrafted. Councilor Chiravalle cast the sole dissenting vote.

Council also cancelled its scheduled July 31 council meeting.  

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