Council Approves Ordinance For Utility Funds

Department of Public Utilities Manager Tim Galsco speaks during the County Council meeting on Nov. 14. Photo of by Kirsten Laskey/ 


In an effort to avoid heavily increasing utility rates, Los Alamos County Council unanimously approved an ordinance that allows council and the Board of Public Utlitlies to approve transferring revenues or funds of one sub-utility fund to another.  

Council approved the ordinance during its regular meeting Nov. 14. 

According to agenda documents, before approving the ordinance, one utility sub fund could not subsized another. Additionally, while loans between utilities were allowed so long as market rate interest is applied, outright transfers from one sub-fund to another was prohibited. The approved ordinance allows for flexibility when there are unusual circumstances. It is emphasized in the agenda documents that adoption of this ordinance does not necessarily indicate Council’s endorsement of any particular transfer; it simply allows the utlity board and council to consider intera-utility transfters in the future. 

Councilor James Chrobocinski said the ordinance is logical. “This makes sense,” he said. “This will save the County and taxpayers a lot of money.” 

He added it will help move things forward and get things done such as replacing the waste water treatment facility in White Rock. 

During public comment, Board of Public Utlitilies Member Stephen McLin also voiced his support for the ordiance but as a private citizen. “I think it is a really good idea,” he said.

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