Council Approves New Small Brewer Liquor License For Los Alamos Beer Cooperative

Los Alamos Beer Cooperative Board President Micheline Devaurs addresses Council members at this evening’s meeting in Council Chambers requesting a new small brewer liquor license for the Beer Co-op. Following her presentation, Council voted 5-0 to approve her request. Councilor Rick Reiss attended the meeting via telephone and Council VIce Chair Kristin Henderson and Councilor David Izraelevitz were absent. Photo by Carol A. Clark/


The purpose and mission of the Los Alamos Beer Cooperative (LABC) is to establish a brewery with a taproom in Los Alamos as a place for the community to gather and enjoy great, locally brewed beer. The Cooperative will support and promote the local craft beer community. The LABC will be located at 163 Central Park Square in downtown Los Alamos.

LABC will be Los Alamos’ first craft brewery. We will produce four different beers and a root beer using a 3.5 barrel brewing system, which will be dispensed from the co-located taproom. LABC intends to produce and sell 300 barrels in the first year and then increase production in the second year as demand requires. The taproom will also sell private label New Mexico wines, and non-alcoholic beverages.

It is focused on producing the highest quality, fresh, delicious craft beer, and serving it in the taproom and at local events. Retail customers and members of the cooperative may come to view the operation of the brewery and purchase beer by the glass for consumption on premises, or to take home in growlers. Items such as T-shirts, beverage glasses, and other logo items will be available for sale.

The taproom will be a place for the members of the Los Alamos community to gather, relax in a comfortable atmosphere, read, talk, be alone or in a small group — and enjoy a beer. The vision evokes one of a small, neighborhood pub in England, where fresh beer is brewed on premises, and is as much a vital part of the community’s spirit as is the togetherness of the gathering.

LABC states that a small brewery and taproom will succeed in Los Alamos because there is a demonstrated response to all forms of community gatherings, from the summer outdoor concert series, to the patronage of community theatre, chorus and orchestra, to participation in the town’s plentiful church, athletic, and social clubs and events. Regardless of the venue, citizens of Los Alamos are always looking for opportunities to gather and enjoy activities and each other’s company. The scientific community needs a place to meet and share thoughts with colleagues and friends, and active outdoor enthusiasts need a place to gather after a day spent enjoying local activities like skiing, mountain biking, swimming and hiking.

LABC believes that businesses should be measured not only by their financial success but also by the benefit to their community. That’s why, in every decision the LABC makes, it will weigh not only how it will affect the business, but also how it can better the community that its members live in. As a co-operative, it can and will bring profits to the community — and have tremendous fun while doing it.

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