Council Approves Lease For Portion of Golf Course Community Building to Pajarito Golf Group, LLC.

County and community members attend today’s Council meeting in Council Chambers. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Staff Report

The Los Alamos County Council voted today to adopt an ordinance authorizing a lease for a certain portion of the County-owned Golf Course Community Building to Pajarito Golf Group, LLC.

This vote comes after several unsuccessful attempts requesting proposals from qualified service providers to provide a food and beverage operation at the Golf Course clubhouse/community building.

County staff issued Request for Proposal No. 2014-1929 Dec. 9, 2013, evaluated the factors set out in the RFP and Pajarito Golf Group, LLC was the successful offeror. Through a series of meetings, Pajarito Golf Group and the County have reached an agreement on a lease. Pajarito Golf Group will provide food and beverage for general golf course operations, golf tournaments and events, special events in the community room and to the public through their year-round restaurant service.

Although Pajarito Golf Group, LLC, is a separate business entity from the Pajarito Brew Pub, the managing partners are the same and the proposed business plan presented in their RFP response was developed from the recent experience of opening and operating the Pajarito Brew Pub.

Highlights of the lease terms area include:

  • 4,050 square feet of net usable kitchen and restaurant seating space open daily no less than 95 percent of the hours of the golf course operations;
  • County will own and lease the kitchen equipment and restaurant furniture for an additional monthly rate;
  • Lessee will provide a varied menu consisting of breakfast, lunch, snacks, and evening meals that are competitively priced with similar golf operations and local food establishments;
  • Provide food and beverage services at the Golf Course for special events and tournaments and provide space management services for events in the multi-purpose room;
  • Lessee is entitled to use the existing Los Alamos Golf Course Governmental Liquor License;
  • Rent to be equal to 10 percent of gross sales per month anticipated to be in excess of $100,000 annually but no less than $43,200 annually in order to ensure the County’s baseline costs of owning and operating the facility are satisfied;
  • The first three months rent payment will be deferred and paid in equal installments in addition to the monthly rent for months five through 24.
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