Council Approves Increase In Compensation For Elected Officials

Councilor David Izraelevitz and five other councilors voted this evening to approve an increase in compensation for elected officials. Council Chair Geoff Rodgers voted against the measure saying it in no way was a reflection of the elected officials but rather a personal decision. As an appointed councilor, Izraelevitz is running for election Nov. 4 and this pay increase goes into effect Jan. 1, 2015 for all newly elected officials, which means if elected, he will benefit from the vote. Izraelevitz said he will donate his increase in pay to charity. Screen Shot/LAC
Staff Report:
This issue came up during the budget hearings in the spring when Council became aware that the legislature had provided for an increase in compensation for elected officials in Class H Counties. Such increases must be adopted by local ordinance, so Council directed staff to create an ordinance that will provide the increase for the elected officials.
By law, the increases do not become effective until the day an official takes office after the ordinance is enacted. By enacting the ordinance at this time, the increases will become effective when newly elected county officials take office after the 2014 general election.
The compensation paid to each member of the council shall be $11,377 per annum, from the current $9,600. The council member serving as chair shall be paid an additional stipend of $2,400 per annum. Councilors shall also be reimbursed for their actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties as approved by the council or its chair.
The increases for the clerk, assessor and sheriff amount to $889 each. The increase for the probate judge is $526. The resultant annual salaries of $6,889 for the clerk, assessor and sheriff and $4,031 for the probate judge is the maximum allowed by the legislature.
The Code has not previously contained a section dealing with the compensation of the probate judge. This ordinance creates a section for that purpose.