Council Approves Ashley Pond Renovations

Council voted 7-0 Tuesday evening to move forward with the Ashley Pond Renovation and Improvement Project. The project is set to get underway in June. Workers are scheduled to install a new liner beneath the pond by July 26, a waterfall by Aug. 9, sidewalks, wetland planters and water treatment by Sept. 13, a permanent concert stage by Sept. 20, refill the water in the pond by Sept. 27 and substantially complete the project by Oct. 18. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Staff Report

Los Alamos County Council unanimously approved a contract with RMCI, Inc., in the amount of $1,749,450, plus applicable gross receipts tax, for the construction of the Ashley Pond Renovations and Improvements Project; and, established a project budget of $2,360,901.

An evaluating committee determined RMCI Inc., the lowest cost qualified responder, submitted a proposal that was the most advantageous to the County. Councilor Fran Berting expressed concern that the company that previously worked on the pond might protest. Deputy County Administrator Steve Lynne informed Council that notification of the successful bidder went out April 30 and no one had protested during the 15-day deadline that followed.

The scope of the Ashley Pond Renovations and Improvements Project includes providing three new ADA access routes, replacing the bulkhead and promenade around the pond, installing storm water quality devices; resculpting and grading of the pond; introducing water quality circulation and aeration in order to prevent eutrophication; the addition of a waterfall aeration feature; wetland plantings to promote water quality, a concert stage venue, landscape planting and irrigation upgrades, electrical work and general clean-up of the site.

The Ashley Pond renovations and improvements is a planned project in the County’s Capital Improvement (CIP) program. Representatives from the Los Alamos County Parks Division and Public Works Department will manage the project.

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