Council Approves Artwork For White Rock

Chair of the Arts in Public Places Board Carolyn Bossert, left, and County Senior Management Analyst Libby Carlsten present details and background on artwork proposed for installation in White Rock. Print Screen photo  
White Rock Implementation Planning Committee Vice Chair Katy Korkos and committee member Steve Foltyn provide backgound to Council on the artwork for White Rock. Print Screen photo
Council unanimously approve the use of Art in Public Places funds and the APPB’s recommendations for public art in White Rock, including the purchase, delivery, and installation of three wind sculptures (photoshop example) by Lyman Whitaker to include contingencies, such as lighting and plaques with a total proposed budget not to exceed $30,000. Courtesy/LAC
Council approved 7-0 the use of APP funds for the purchase of five matted and framed watercolor paintings similar to this piece from Kathi Parker for the White Rock Visitor’s Center with a total budget not to exceed $3,500. Courtesy/LAC
Council unanimously approved the APPB recommendation to re-locate the sculpture “Strange Trio” to the entrance of Overlook Park and authorize staff to make the necessary arrangements to get cost estimates for the base design, soil testing, professional installation, and any other engineering or architectural services that may be required for this project with the understanding that a project budget will be presented to Council at a later date. The largest sculpture in the County’s public art collection, “Strange Trio” by Tommy C. Hicks, was originally purchased and installed in 1993 as part of the commemoration/celebration of Los Alamos’ 50th Anniversary. It was installed on the lawn between the Los Alamos Police Station and Trinity Drive. In the spring of 2008, the sculpture’s concrete base developed cracks affecting the security of the anchor bolts. During a spring windstorm, one section of the sculpture fell down. Despite the APPB and staff’s efforts to identify alternative locations, the sculpture has remained in storage since that time. Courtesy/LAC

Council authorized 7-0 the APPB, including input from the San Ildefonso Pueblo, to develop a conceptual plan and budget for the purchase, decoration, installation and lighting of large painted pots along N.M. 4 in the newly renovated White Rock corridor. Courtesy/LAC