Council Approves 8 CIP Projects

Editor’s Note: Updated with the Final CIP Schedule.

Deputy County Administrator Steve Lynne and Capital Projects & Facilities Director Anne Laurent count the votes from the seven Councilors as to how they ranked the CIP projects under consideration for funding this evening. Council has unanamously approved the $2,226,471 Ashley Pond Improvement Project, the $4 million Teen Center, the $4.3 million Nature Center, the $655,000 Eastern Area Sound Wall, the $500,000 Canyon Rim Trail, the $1.5 million Ice Rink Improvements Project and to retain $800,000 in a contingency fund. Council also approved 6-1 to fund the $11,283,800 phased Golf Course Improvement Project with first year costs of about $2 million, Councilor Ron Selvage voted no, and 6-1 to approve the $8.4 million White Rock Civic Center, directing the White Rock Implementation Committee to come back by June 30 with a phased plan, Councilor Fran Berting voted no. Council voted 4-3 against the Aquatic Center Leisure Pool with Berting, Council Chair Sharon Stover and Councilor David Izraelevitz for it. The County’s $14.1 Million Radio System Project did not receive a motion. Photo by Carol A. Clark/


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