Council Adopts 2013 State Legislative Agenda

Los Alamos County Lobbyist Scott Scanlan speaks to Council at Tuesday night’s meeting in Council Chambers. Council Chair Sharon Stover and other Councilors commended Scanlan for his effectness in working with both sides of the aisle at the New Mexico Legislature in representing Los Alamos. Photo by Carol A. Clark/
Staff Report
Los Alamos County Council Tuesday night voted 7-0 to adopt the 2013 State Legislative Agenda for the 60-day session that begins Jan. 15.
Each year, Council adopts a “State Legislative Agenda.” This document is used as a guide for its intergovernmental efforts. The State Legislative Agenda provides direction from the County Council to staff and its legislative support contractor Scott Scanlan when working with various state officials and entities, providing for a consistent voice in its messaging.
As in the past, when setting the County’s State Legislative Agenda, four broad sources are used for determining priority areas:
  • Regional, state, and national organizations identified priorities (see attached NMAC and NMML agendas);
  • Staff recommended issues;
  • County intergovernmental priorities; and
  • Review of state and federal budgets.
The focus of this year’s agenda involves maintaining the County’s current GRT revenue receipts.
Los Alamos County State Legislative Agenda for FY 2013
  • Capital Outlay legislation that includes funding requests outlined in the County’s ICIP.
  • Legislation that enhances affordable housing programs.
  • Consensus legislative priorities of NMAC and NMML.
  • Funding for MainStreet programming.
  • Health care policy and financing legislation, to include concerns related to Community Health Council funding.
  • Any changes to municipal revenue legislation, such as proposals for local governments to “swap” GRT distribution for State income tax distribution.
  • Any changes to Sole Community Provider legislation.
  • Other legislation directly affecting Los Alamos County and/or its ability to serve its citizens.
  • Proposals that would eliminate or reduce the GRT revenue to the County from LANL-related services.
  • Changes to the state school funding formula that would adversely impact Los Alamos Public School District.
  • Proposals that would reduce the County’s receipt of general GRT revenue.
  • Legislation that would adversely impact Indigent Health Care revenues received by the County or program provisions that would adversely impact their effective use.
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