Council Accepts DPU Charter Review Committee’s Final Report

DPU Charter Review Committee Chair Susan O’Leary briefs Council this evening on her committee’s final report on proposed changes to the current charter covering the Department of Public Utilities. She explained that the committee met steadily since March and explored, evaluated and formed recommendations to Council’s three questions: Evaluate accountability and liability issues with current Charter Article V, consider whether changes are required to the current profit arrangement between DPU and the County and recommend a process for Council to add a utility. At right, former councilor Ken Milder, speaking to the issue during public comment said he is quite sure that if the Utilities Board is not in agreement with the proposed changes then it will never get the needed vote. He also said in his 40 some years in Los Alamos that he never knew of a rogue Utilities Board but had, however, known of a rogue County Council. Councilors David Izraelevitz, Pete Sheehey, Fran Berting, Kristin Henderson, Rick Reiss and Chair Geoff Rodgers commended O’Leary and her committee on their well written and substantive report saying it clarified the questions and is a service to the community. Councilor Steven Girrens also commended and thanked County staff for their assistance to the committee during the last four months including Julie Habiger, Jackie Salazar, Rebecca Ehlers and Steven Lynne. The Council voted 7-0 to accept the DPU Charter Review Committee’s final report, which will be placed on a future Council agenda after DPU has an opportunity to review it and present its comments. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

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