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What material and equipment donations are needed?

The project needs (any ideas, expertise, materials, etc to contribute) :

  • Bags of Leaves, mulch, fertilizer.
  • Long flexible PVC pipe to build "hoop" greenhouses. See a hoop house design HERE.
  • Plywood / lumber: 1x1, 1x4 and 1x8 etc. type planks to make the sides of planter bed frames.
  • Rototiller equipment to borrow.
  • Gardening tools: hand shovels, shovels, gloves, rakes, hoes, etc.
  • Rocks both big and small for lining planting areas.
  • Water rain barrels. A cistern. There currently is no source of water for the garden. This is one of the biggest issues.
  • Water filtration equipment.
  • Locations to store seeds and starter plans. Do you have space in your greenhouse that the project can use?
  • Exterior paints and painting supplies
  • Ffencing ideas for the garden. 
  • Other items to help a community garden.

You can drop items off at the Los Alamos Middle School Community Garden site. Map to LAMS. Map to garden and drop off area.  If you draw a line between the Solar Array and the KRSN Antenna, the garden is two the Southwest of that line. You will note the new soil and card board in the dirt. On that line you will see the drop off area where there is currrently a couple window boxes and a pile of manure from the stables.

Contact Los Alamos Middle School Teacher Stephanie Krantz for details on what is needed / where to drop off / volunteer needs. Phone 505-663-2393. Email