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Udall Disappointed in Filibuster of Bill to Protect New Mexico Jobs

on July 31, 2014 - 9:58am

Sen. Tom Udall


U.S. Sen. Tom Udall issued the following statement after Republicans blocked the Bring Jobs Home Act, which he supported to protect and create jobs in New Mexico and across the nation by offering incentives for companies that insource jobs and eliminating a tax loophole that benefits companies moving offshore: 

"Today, we had an opportunity to do right by workers in New Mexico and across the country by moving forward on legislation to help build up communities and create jobs right here at home. This bill would protect tens of thousands of jobs in New Mexico, and attract new ones. By encouraging manufacturing growth, it would strengthen our economy and secure millions of dollars in wages for middle class families. I'm disappointed that Republicans filibustered this bill and put partisan politics in the way of a common-sense proposal to promote fair policies that support American families and communities. 

"I'm going to keep fighting to do what's right for New Mexico through policies like the Bring Jobs Home Act that will strengthen our economy and invest in the future of our communities, and I hope we have a chance to reconsider this bill soon." 

The motion to end debate on the bill received 54 votes in favor and 42 against, but fell short of the 60-vote threshold necessary to end a filibuster. Udall delivered a speech on the Senate floor last week to express his support for the bill and highlight its importance for New Mexico communities, including the village of Questa, where Chevron recently announced it will close a molybdenum mine that has provided good jobs for generations of families.