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T'was a Great Concert at IHM!

on December 25, 2012 - 8:29am
Christmas Tubas in concert at Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Los Alamos last Saturday night. Photo by TK Thompson/
Kip Bishofberger was the Guest Percussionist on the Little Drummer Boy piece. Photo by TK Thompson/
Concertmaster Jerry Morzinsky announces the high school students in the ensemble. Starting at the left and standing, Sally Grindstaff; Louisa Singleton; and to her left and partially standing, Sean Dunham. Photo by TK Thompson/
A tuba by itself is a work of art and/or a plumber's nightmare! Photo by TK Thompson/
Jerry Morzinski has been doing this concert in Los Alamos for 11 years. It has become a Christmas tradition, thanks Jerry! Photo by TK Thompson/
The 2012 Christmas Tubas. Front row from left, Ryan Finn, euphonium; Dave Korzekwa, alto horn; Sally Grindstaff, euphonium; Eli Berg, euphonium; and Ted Vives, euphonium. Back row from left, Louisa Singleton, tuba; Sean Dunham, tuba; Jerry Morzinski, tuba; Deniece Korzekwa, tuba; and Rex Hjelm, tuba. Photo by TK Thompson/