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Toppers Slam Robertson In Tennis Matches Tuesday

on April 13, 2017 - 8:52am
Andrew Tang sets up for his serve during his doubles match. Photo by Niccolo Snyder/
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Los Alamos Daily Post
On Tuesday, April 11, the Topper Boy’s Tennis team took on Robertson in a head to head clash at Urban Park Tennis Courts.
The day was set up with six singles matches and three doubles. The Topper boys fought hard in all of their matches trying to get the extra advantage in every situation. The weather was not bad per say during the several matches, but it did not live up to the sunny expectation.
The singles began with four Toppers starting at once. First to go was George Margevicius who suffered a defeat to Andreas Garcia who took the first two sets.
Next was Andrew Tang who took on Robertson’s Senior, Connor Houdek. Tang fought his way through his entire match and won two sets 6-5 and 6-3. Thomas Chadwick and JD Downing both put on a performance beating their opponents in two sets.
The fifth and sixth singles matches were played by Donald Poston and Junseo Kim. The two showed both dominated their opponents winning all their sets 6-0. Overall the Toppers put in a superb performance in all their singles matches.
The next event was doubles in which three matches were to be held against Robertson. The first of the doubles was Tang and Margevicius who put in a hard days’ worth of work in their matches. The pair stayed calm and composed, finishing their first set with a 7-6 victory.
The next set ended much easier victory 6-2. In the next set of doubles, Chadwick and Martin Naud took a victory in two sets over the Robertson pair one ending 7-5 and the other 6-2.
The last doubles match was played by Poston and Tim Martin who eased past their opponents with a 6-2 and 6-1 victory.
It was the Topper’s ability to stay calm that led them to victory in almost all of their competitions. Poston believes that the day was all about, “the mental game” and the reason he and his team did so well was that, “They were able to adapt to their opponents advantages and disadvantages.”
Hopefully the Toppers can keep their composure and continue these types of performances. Their next set of matches will be on Friday the 14 th in a pre- District Tournament held at Capitol High school.