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State Auditor Tim Keller On Resignation Of Albuquerque Public School Board Member Analee Maestas

on October 11, 2017 - 1:04pm
State Auditor Tim Keller
ALBUQUERQUE  Tuesday, State Auditor Tim Keller responded to the resignation of Albuquerque School Board Member Analee Maestas stating:
“After these unfortunate events, Maestas’ resignation helps brings some accountability,” Keller said. “By resigning, she is at least providing the district a chance to be represented by someone who is not connected to the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars that should have been going to our kids’ education. This is another step in the right direction to get La Promesa back on track and restore public confidence.”
The issue was first brought to light in 2016 when the State Auditor released the results of an investigation indicating that Maestas had diverted La Promesa funds for personal use. Last month, State Auditor Tim Keller released an investigation that found hundreds of thousands of dollars were likely embezzled by Maestas’ daughter, a former Assistant Business Manager at the school.
You can see more information about the most recent investigation here: