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RPNM: Help Wanted To Ensure Fair Elections

on December 4, 2019 - 9:53am
From Republican Party of New Mexico:
We all want our elections to be fair, and you can help make that happen in 2020!
We need people to sign up to be poll watchers and poll challengers to make sure there's ballot integrity during elections. This will help ensure your vote counts.
Let's all promote openness and transparency in New Mexico’s 2020 Elections.
Training and support will be provided by RPNM.
To sign up, click here
What are the qualifications and restrictions of being an Election Challenger or Watcher? Challengers and watchers shall be voters of a precinct located in that county to which they are appointed NMSA 1978, 1-2-22.
You cannot be appointed if you are:
  • A candidate;
  • A spouse, parent, child brother or sister of any candidate;
  • Other relationships that cause a perception problem
  • Married to a parent, child, brother or sister of any candidate;
  • The candidate’s in-laws; or
  • A local or state police officer
Let's all work together for fair elections!