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Randy Carlson Of Los Alamos Remembers Apollo 11

on July 16, 2019 - 8:48am
Randy Carlson of Los Alamos depicted here, blue shirt at right, in the Apollo 11 movie DVD released in mid-May using a 16 mm tri-turret camera to film the event. Courtesy/Randy Carlson
Los Alamos

Today, July 16 is the 50th anniversary of man going to the moon. It so happens that I was there that morning and witnessed the Saturn V launch.

More recently those memories returned having seen myself in the recent “Apollo 11” movie. The movie uses a lot of footage not seen before and, to my amazement, there I was at the 18-minute mark into the movie. 

Although I was in the US Air Force back in 1969, I had been invited to the Apollo 11 launch and attended as part of the VIP Press Corps.

It so happens that before entering the Air Force, I was working at the NASA Langley, Va., complex (as in the movie “Hidden Figures”) in the Flight Instrumentation Division.
Fifty years ago I was interviewed after the Saturn V launch by my hometown paper ‘The Observer’ of Smithfield, RI. Here is a copy of that article: