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Q&A With Congressional Candidate Karen Bedonie

on November 30, 2019 - 6:58pm

CD3 Candidate Karen Bedonie

Los Alamos Daily Post

Editor’s note: This is the fifth in a series in which the Los Alamos Daily Post presents the same set of questions to each of the candidates running for Congressional District 3, which serves the northern half of New Mexico.

Republican candidate Karen Bedonie provided the following answers:

POST: Why do you believe you are qualified to represent New Mexico in Congress?

BEDONIE: A representative of the people must come directly from the people he/she is created from and not the minimal 10 years indicated by qualification. I am the only candidate that can speak in full terms of the brutal truth of real socialistic practices that are washing over our country, for I have come from the largest Native reservation that is flooded with socialism and is now showing characteristics of potential communism. Our America must never go there.  I am the only qualified candidate to represent New Mexico as a survivor who is not diluted with the indoctrination of heavy liberal education cloaked as degrees that are directly linked to socialistic irregularities of a conservative life (ei: The taking of life in infancy). These irregularities can only benefit the 1% in control to end our freedoms and silence us with political correctness of the offended.  I believe I am the most qualified because I am the toughest and have found the weapons against socialism and I will use our beloved Constitution to preserve and protect our freedoms. I will eventually come home, and I refuse to arrive at a further destroyed ‘Home of the Brave’ in my beautiful district of NM. If you vote for another, and they win, the Natives and the pure conservative grassroot New Mexicans of muddy-mountainous-small-town CD-03 will also lose. We will not be whole in the sense of pure representation. If you vote for me, and I win, we all FINALLY win. Our district will then be an entire wholly complete district of New Mexico represented in Congress with a foundation of conservative values bathed in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I am the only candidate that can move in the urban settings, rural horizons, cultural appropriateness, ranching ideals, kitchen table issues, wild earthly aspects, political realms, economic awareness as well as through pure New Mexican history.

POST: What is your overall governing philosophy?

BEDONIE: Big government cannot take a seat at the kitchen table if they cannot fit through the front door.  Less government to simply operate, enact law to uphold our Constitution and our freedoms and protection is all that is required. Government with hands in our purses, billfolds, stomachs, minds, emotions and relationships, especially in the business of God will need to be remedied. My governing philosophy has been imprinted by a few like Locke, Burke, R. Kirk, Reagan and is based upon Navajo traditional engrained teachings of our creation and the outcome of the future. I believe that we are a Republic and not a Democracy and what we have, we must not regret nor trash, but keeping working at it.  In our rural setting, I believe in the philosophy of the electoral college.

POST: What would you do to promote the interest of Los Alamos National Laboratory in Washington?

BEDONIE: The promotion of Los Alamos National Laboratory in Washington is a promise to our children’s future. The requirement of our existence as a good, strong America rests in our very own LANL. The wealth of knowledge and facility value shall complete the cycles to secure a healthy and safe nation whilst we strive for a beautiful economic landscape in energy and advancement. We must depend upon LANL to ensure we are safe in body, in environment, in energy, in consumption, in cure and all other sciences we seek answers to. I will harness funding to complete the cycle of all endeavors of American advancement. The American jewel of knowledge is LANL. Funding will also be secured to save sacred Native lands and LANL will solve the problems to ultimately cleanse our impacted water and Mother Earth woes. LANL is the key of America and she is New Mexico.

POST: How would you balance arms proliferation with national defense?

BEDONIE: Domestic 2A American in-country civilian SMLW arms proliferation is National Defense. However, I believe US foreign policies should not allow US guns and SMLW to be sold to foreign countries. Arms not replenished to other countries will age and decline. A policy to focus on America First is much desired and will detour actions like fast and furious gunrunning occurrences that supply armed war in other countries and can ultimately provide firepower, even upon, our own US troops. We need to focus on our own 2A and America First before we allow foreign wars to be supplied is my current view.

POST: In general terms, what would your foreign policy goals be?

BEDONIE: My foreign policy goals would be geared toward a Safe America First on trade, diplomacy issues, sanctions in place, military/defense, foreign-aid, and proven environmental issues that provide a realistic outcome for all involved.  I support President Trumps methods of foreign affairs and how the use of economic tools drives his goals, because truthfully, all roads lead to economics.

POST: What do you think should be done about the growing income inequality in the United States?

BEDONIE: Income inequality is a product of effort in a restricted bubble of time. If professional reform of a work week is unrestricted from the traditional ‘work hour week’, we could begin to base income on pure effort and quality/quantity of production. Hourly and salary are based on time projected into employment factors to produce a valued outcome, thus the employee with less personal obligations shall progress. As a business owner in a economically depressed location, social program requirements of female mothers and care-givers, plus hospital clinic appointments, and other family obligations interfere with business hours and injure professional capacities. If income can be regulated as per project completion and excellence and not restricted to a net hour per week during ‘X’ business hours, income inequality could be an aspect of the past. For a government entity, we can push for social programs and hospitals to be open odd hours for professionals, and child friendly work environments. However, businessowners in the private sector will always chose the employee that is the most productive and costs them less obstacles, thus we must open door for alternative employment regulations that cause restraint.

POST: Do you have a plan for increasing access to healthcare in the U.S.?

BEDONIE: Yes. I would love to see co-op of medical urgent-care professionals and health/wellness providers existing in American offices, industries, public works, non-profits and government facilities as needed with affordable lowered insurance free market business formats. Hospital and specialty care will continue and those that are referred can be given options to use insurance, pay or repayment plans. Affordable healthcare rests in the reduction of outrageously overpricing of all medical aspects including big pharm and support preventative medicine and healthier foods/lifestyles. Access to highly specialty medical need and requirements along with right to try medicines would then be accessible via tax dollars. Not all medical needs should be at the hands of the government, however, the heavy burden of very severe disease/illness/injury can be relieved by America together.

POST: Where do you stand on increased regulation of firearms?

BEDONIE: The regulation of firearms is the beginning of the breakdown and weakening our Constitution. Red flag laws only regulate and disarm responsible gunowners and not the criminals. Criminals do not respect the laws.  In 20, 30, or 50 years, the government cannot guarantee future events and the people will require the full aspect of the right to bear arms if the need ever arises.

POST: What programs do you support on immigration to deal with the situation at the border?

BEDONIE: I support legal organized immigration that requires assimilation of the immigrant into American ideals and our society respectively. I do not support children being brought in by NON-biological parents that leads to child trafficking and confusion of where the child came from. We need a safe and legal manner to enter our United States and those not willing to respect this do not need access to our tax dollars and our way of life. Use the front door, follow the house rules, act accordingly or leave. 

POST: What would you do to combat climate change?

BEDONIE: Trees and greens thrive on carbon. To my understanding, climate change is a cycle that has occurred for thousands of years and is also in our traditional teachings of the creation of earth and aging. The cycle is occurring around us and also this aggressive climate change panic is causing disharmony to our population and causing a social division. I can combat climate change by seeking complete and accurate scientific research and proven data that holds consensus of scientific backing as well as indigenous backing of our United States tribal spiritual leaders. Then an only then, we will know where we stand as earth dwellers. For immediate action, we will need to look at foreign manufacturing emission policy in countries like China and India.

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