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Posts From The Road: Headwaters Of Mississippi River

on July 28, 2019 - 7:18am
Scene of the mighty Mississippi River during a road trip this month. The river has a humble beginning as it flows from a small glacial Lake Itasca in Minnesota. The headwaters are about 20 feet wide and knee deep as it begins its 2,348 mile journey to the Gulf of Mexico. Shown are swimmers as they enjoy the cool waters at the headwaters in Lake Itasca State Park. ‘Posts from the Road’ appear in the Sunday edition of the Los Alamos Daily Post. Longtime Los Alamos photographer Gary Warren and his wife Marilyn travel around the country and he shares scenes they encounter while on the road. Photo by Gary Warren/
River View: A view of the Mississippi River a short distance from the headwaters. The river is a narrow and shallow stream and surrounded by beautiful trees anfd grass. Photo by Gary Warren/
Lush Foliage: The area around the headwaters was lush and green during a visit in July. Photo by Gary Warren/