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Police and Lab Join Forces for Robot Rodeo

on June 20, 2012 - 9:32am

Los Alamos Police Department explosive devices experts and LANL hazardous devices experts joined forces to compete against seven other teams in the sixth annual Robot Rodeo underway this week in Technical Area 49 at Los Alamos National Laboratory. In this scenario, a pair of robots inspect a car involved in a chase and abandoned by drug traffickers.  Photo by Salvador Zapien/

Bob Clark, a Hazardous Devices technician at Los Alamos National Laboratory makes some final adjustments to the LANL/LAPD team robot. Photo by Salvador Zapien/

One of the tasks the robots must complete is to prepare a picnic plate consisting of a ham sandwich, coleslaw and chips. Here, the LAPD/LANL robot puts the finishing touches on its sandwich. Photo by Salvador Zapien/

The LAPD/LANL team successfully maneuver its robot to fill a cup with Gatorade. Photo by Salvador Zapien/

Competing against the LANL/LAPD team is the Farmington Bomb Squad. Their robot has just collected some ice in a cup to offer the judges. The cup must then be filled with a drink. Photo by Salvador Zapien/

Farmington Bomb Squad members Chris Sikes, left and Bryant Cox maneuver their robot from a distance. Commanding the robot must be done with the cameras on the robot. Photo by Salvador Zapien/

A Talon robot, manufactured by QinetiQ makes its way to a challenge during the Robot Rodeo held Tuesday at TA-49. Photo by Salvador Zapien/

Robot Rodeo evaluators Valine Griego, left and Erica De Smet score the robots' performances Tuesday at TA-49. The competition continues throughout the week ending in an awards ceremony Friday at which time the winners will be announced. Photo by Salvador Zapien/