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Night With A Nerd: Dr. Phil Goldstone On Thinking About Nuclear Deterrence In Today’s World

on August 18, 2019 - 9:01am

BSMA News:

The community is invited to join Dr. Phil Goldstone Sept. 12 as he explores how the invention of nuclear weapons 75 years ago changed international affairs – and also the existential framework of a large portion of the world’s people. 

It's now long beyond the confrontations of the cold war, and the world’s largest weapons stockpiles have been greatly reduced. Yet nuclear weapons issues are now present and rising, with Russia (again), Iran and North Korea looming large in the news—and with the playing field changing weekly, it seems. 

Modern war has held some “conventional” horrors that compare in destruction, but the power of a single nuclear weapon makes them different. The talk will explore why nations still have/want nuclear weapons, what deterrence is, and what it is used to support or prevent. It’ll consider a few nations stated (or inferred) views of nuclear ownership as they have evolved from a post-cold-war world to an increasingly complex present. It'll examine arguments suggesting nuclear deterrence has helped avoid major-state war and mass casualties, and arguments that their existence simply poses too great a risk. And also explore a question whose visibility has waxed and waned over the recent decades: whether we could solve those risks by getting rid of them … or not.

Dr. Goldstone will explore these topics and take one slice through the many complex issues associated with nuclear deterrence:

  • When: 6 p.m. Sep. 12; and
  • Where: ProjectY in 150 Central Park Square.

Admission is free for Bradbury Science Museum Association members and $10 for the general public. Space is limited, register here.