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New Mexico Land Office Requests Funding To Establish Office Of Renewable Energy; Improve Management Of Oil And Gas Activities

on January 15, 2019 - 5:52am
Commissioner of Public Lands Stephanie Garcia Richard
SANTA FE For Fiscal Year 2020, New Mexico Commissioner of Public Lands Stephanie Garcia Richard has requested additional budget appropriations for four new district resource managers tasked with overseeing oil and gas activity in the Permian Basin and resources to establish the Office of Renewable Energy.
Due to increased oil and gas operations in the southeastern part of the state, additional personnel are necessary to handle the exciting workload and provide adequate oversight. The formal creation of an Office of Renewable Energy within the Commercial Division will enable the Land Office to develop a more diverse and sustainable revenue source for the state land trust. The budget requests total $452,000, and would be paid through revenue the Land Office generates each year.
“With hundreds of thousands of acres of state trust land prime for renewable energy projects, New Mexico has an opportunity to become the leader in wind and solar. I ran on a promise to advance renewable energy projects throughout the state, and creating the Office of Renewable Energy is just the first step in bringing that to fruition,” Garcia Richard said of the request.
“Not only will more wind and solar projects help us fight climate change and protect our environment, it will diversify the funds that the Land Office manages to benefit our schools, hospitals, and colleges,” she added.
With the 2019 Legislative Session beginning today, the Land Office budget request will be up for debate and consideration in the next 60 days.