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New Mexico Game And Fish: Deer, Elk And Bighorn Enhancement Raffle Tickets Now Available

on June 10, 2019 - 12:49pm
NMG&F News:
The New Mexico Game and Fish Department has announced that deer, elk and bighorn enhancement raffle tickets are now available.
All proceeds from enhancement hunts are used solely for habitat enhancement, conservation, research and management projects in New Mexico for the species raffled.
Authorizations may be used either by the recipient or any individual of the recipient’s choice through sale, barter or gift. These hunts do not count as Once-in-a-Lifetime Hunts.
Deer Enhancement Licenses
One deer authorization will be raffled with the assistance of the Mule Deer Foundation. Tickets must be purchased by June 13, 2019 to be considered for the June 14, 2019 drawing. The bag limit for these hunts is one fork-antlered deer.
Elk Enhancement Licenses
One bull-elk authorization was raffled June 4, 2019 with the assistance of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation at the Department Santa Fe Office.
Bighorn Sheep Enhancement Licenses
Two authorizations will be raffled by the Department with the assistance of the New Mexico Chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation (NMWSF)—one for desert bighorn sheep and one for Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. Tickets must be purchased before June 20, 2019.
New This Year: The winner of each of these two raffle authorizations will have the choice of hunting in any bighorn sheep unit not selected by the auction hunter. The units remaining after both the auction and raffle winners have chosen their exclusive hunt units may be hunted by either or both enhancement license holders.