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NEA-New Mexico Weighs In On New Mexico PED Proposed Science Education Standards

on September 20, 2017 - 9:21am

NEA-NM News:

The National Education Association – New Mexico believes the entirety of the Next Gen standards should be adopted, not the version proposed by the P.E.D. which substitutes non-scientific notions where science should be taught," says Charles Goodmacher, Spokesperson for the National Education Association - New Mexico. 
"The PED proposed changes infuse politics into local classrooms across New Mexico," Goodmacher said. "For example, in the language regarding climate changes, changing 'rise' to 'fluctuations' obscures the fact there has been an unequivocal rise (of about 1 degree Celsius). While that may sound like balanced language, given that average annual temperatures do indeed rise and fall over time, in reality global temperatures continue their upward trend." 
Climate fluctuations are not what’s at issue: teaching New Mexico students science as scientists believe it should be taught is the issue. The National Science Teachers Association supports the unaltered NextGen science standards and had a hand in their development.
In the classroom or in the Roundhouse, we shouldn’t confuse political debates about responding to climate change with misleading debates about whether climate and evolutionary science is valid and should be included in standards for science education in our state.