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Los Alamos School Of Gymnastics Wins State!

on April 16, 2017 - 9:21am
Los Alamos Atomic Tumblers Gold Platinum Team. Courtesy photo
Los Alamos Atomic Tumblers from Los Alamos School of Gymnastics on North Mesa brought home gold from the March 19 New Mexico State Championships at G-Force Gymnastics in West Albuquerque. 
They won first place team in both the Gold and Platinum divisions of competition, against many much larger teams. (To calculate team scores, the top three gymnasts in each event count.) They also won eight all around medals and 34 individual event medals. 
They qualified 10 Platinum and Gold gymnasts to go on to the Region 3 Championships in Galveston Texas in May. Region 3 consists of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas and Wyoming. (Silver and bronze division gymnasts are not eligible for regional qualification.)
Los Alamos had four gymnasts contribute to the Platinum first place team victory. All four gymnasts came home with hardware. All four also qualified for regionals. Teammate Brianna Fryer who has been Los Alamos' high scorer was qualified but unable to compete with a broken foot. 
By virtue of scoring 36s and 37s all season, a petition for her to compete in regionals with her team mates has been honored. The Platinum team is coached by Loui Janecky.
Los Alamos Platinum results included:
Platinum is not broken into age divisions as there are only just a few over 20 in N.M.
Hannah Gram.  36.35 for the Third all around -  BRONZE
9.15 for 4th on beam
8.90 for 5th on vault
9.20 for 5th on bars
9.10 for 5th on floor
Kayli Lincoln.  35.85 for 5th all around
9.30 for 1st on vault -GOLD. (State vault champ)
9.50 for second on bars - SILVER
9.30 for 1st on floor - GOLD (State floor champ)
Chantel Bibeault.  35.85 tied for 5th all around
9.30 for second on beam - SILVER
9.20 for second on floor - SILVER
Addie Richie.  35.60 for seventh all around
8.85 for 6th on vault
9.35 for first on beam - GOLD (State beam champ)
Los Alamos' Gold division team had five gymnasts to contribute to the team win. All also qualified for the regional championships. The Gold team is coached by Svetlana Skurikhin.
Los Alamos' gold division results included: 
Children's division
Danielle Trellue.  36.95 for First in the all around - GOLD (State all around champ)
9.00 for first on vault- GOLD  (State vault champ)
9.65  for first on bars - GOLD (State bar champ)
9.40  for first on beam - GOLD ( State beam champ)
Colette Bibeault.  36.74 for second in the all around - SILVER
8.95 for second on vault - SILVER
9.50 for second on bars - SILVER
9.25 for second on beam - SILVER
9.05 for second on floor - SILVER
Megan Brown.  35.05 for sixth all around
9.20 for first on floor - GOLD
Junior's division
Anika Lovato.  37.35 for second all around. - SILVER
9.30 for first on vault - GOLD
9.60 for second on bars - SILVER
9.25 for second on beam - SILVER
9.20 for second on floor - SILVER
Senior division
Sara Gardner.  35.40 for fifth place
9.55 for second on bars - SILVER
9.00 for third on floor - BRONZE
In the Silver Division competition, Los Alamos swept the youngest division with Kate Dion LaMont (36.90) taking the GOLD, Caris Hatler (36.75) taking the SILVER, and Kylee Lovaro 36.70) taking the BRONZE in the all around. Eva Martin (35.55) was sixth, and Claudia Jablonski (34.65) was seventh in their age divisions. Los Alamos' highest scorer in the silver division all season was Layla Warner. Layla was sick and unable to compete in the state meet on Sunday. The silver team is coached by Janice Miko.
Individual medals in the silver division competition included: 
Kate Dion LaMont 9.45 as floor champ
Caris Hatler 9.45 as vault champ
Kylee Lovato 9.75 as bar champ and 9.10 as beam champ
Kate Dion LaMont 9.70 on bars
Kylee Lovato.   9.30 on floor
Caris Hatler 9.65 on bars
The Los Alamos Bronze team sent 10 gymnasts to the State Championships. The high finisher was Izzabel Stone with 36.25, which won her a BRONZE all around medal in her age division. The other Los Alamos Bronze gymnasts included; Ellie Reass (36.15 for fourth), Leah Rector (35.75 for fourth), Emily Xu (35.55 for fourth), Deandra Montoya (35.50 for sixth), Samantha Stone (35.20 for fourth),  Flavia D'Angelo (34.90 for seventh), Anna Valdez-Lopez (34.45 for eighth), and Kate Warner (33.60 for ninth). The bronze team is coached by Suyana Ferreira.
Bronze division individual event medal winners included:
Izzabel Stone. 9.60 on bars
Ellie Reass. 9.55 on bars and 9.20 on vault
Anna Lopez Valdez 9.30 on bars
Izzabel Stone. 9.15 on floor and 8.90 on beam
Leah Rector 9.10 on vault