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Los Alamos Historical Society: Atomic Film Series 2019

on March 29, 2019 - 3:17pm



The Los Alamos Historical Society has announced that the popular Atomic Film Series returns this year with three films.

These atomic-themed films will be shown at 7 p.m. Wednesdays in historic Fuller Lodge with a suggested donation of $5. Grab some fresh-popped popcorn in the lobby and then settle in for a great movie you won’t see anywhere else. This series fosters discussion about the ways we continue to live with atomic legacies.

The theme for this year’s series is the consequences of radioactivity. The series opens with a dark comedy on April 10, continues with a documentary as part of ScienceFest July 10, and concludes with a monster movie Oct. 30 in time for Halloween. Together, the films explore the real and imagined ways that radioactivity affects our world and our lives.

On July 10, as part of ScienceFest, the Atomic Film Series will screen Peter Galison's and Robb Moss’s 2015 documentary Containment. Can we contain some of the deadliest, most long-lasting substances ever produced? Left over from the Cold War are a hundred million gallons of radioactive sludge covering vast radioactive lands.

Part graphic novel and part observational essay filmed in weapons plants, Fukushima, and deep underground, Containment weaves between an uneasy present and an imaginative, troubled far future, exploring the idea that over millennia, nothing stays put.

We can’t share the titles of the April 10 and Oct. 30 films, but we can tell you a little bit about them. April 10, the film will be an absurdist post-apocalyptic comedy written by Spike Milligan and John Antrobus. Milligan is joined by Goon Show co-star Harry Secombe and an ensemble cast including Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, and Marty Feldman in his screen debut. Survivors of a nuclear war go about their lives in London, even as they begin mutating into unusual objects and animals. It’s a great watch for fans of Dr. Strangelove and Monty Python.

Just in time for Halloween, the Atomic Film Series will show a 1953 monster movie Oct. 30. It’s one of the very first atomic monster movies, released the year before Godzilla. This movie features a monster brought to life by the talents of stop-motion master Ray Harryhausen. United States atomic tests at the North Pole appear to have awakened a prehistoric monster frozen in the ice. Can an AEC physicist and a paleontologist convince the country that the creature is real?

Learn more about the Atomic Film Series at the Historical Society’s website, All three films will be shown at 7 p.m. in the Pajarito Room of Fuller Lodge at 2132 Central Ave.

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