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Los Alamos High School Yearbooks And Living Treasures Profiles To Be Digitize On Kiosks

on August 15, 2019 - 10:15am
Los Alamos Daily Post
The Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation and Enterprise Bank & Trust have partnered to give the entire community access to Los Alamos High School (LAHS) Yearbooks and Living Treasures profiles in a new digital format. 
Thanks to a generous donation by Enterprise Bank & Trust, the LAPS Foundation is arranging to purchase two large touch screens to display the content, one for the lobby of LAHS and another one for the bank lobby.
LAPS Foundation Executive Director Laura Loy explained that several years ago the LAPS Foundation received a donation to digitize all the LAHS yearbooks back to the first one, which is 1949. It took some time to complete the project, she said, but now they can all be viewed on the Foundation's website at The intent of the project was always to have a digital presence in the high school lobby, to replace the senior photos that used to hang there and were fondly remembered by alumni going back many years.
When the LAPS Foundation approached Enterprise Bank & Trust Market President Liddie Martinez about donating a digital screen for the high school, together they came up with the idea to combine the yearbooks content with the Living Treasures profiles.
"It seemed like a natural fit," Loy said. "We have been working for a while on a solution to have a presence for the senior photos and yearbooks in the LAHS lobby. When Liddie suggested combining it with the Living Treasures and having the screens both at the high school and at the bank, we thought that was a wonderful idea. The bank is running out of wall space and what a great opportunity for our young people to learn about the treasures who have shaped our community, and for community members to learn about the individuals who have graduated from LAHS over the years."
The screens are expected to be installed at both locations over the next few months.