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Los Alamos Celebrates ChamberFest 2019

on June 9, 2019 - 9:43am
It wouldn't be ChamberFest without the iconic sandpile in the middle of Central Avenue in downtown Los Alamos, sponsored by Enterprise Bank and Trust. Kids enjoy the sandpile Saturday at Chamberfest 2019. ChamberFest celebrates local businesses. It is sponsored by the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce. Bonnie J. Gordon/
A winning bean bag toss! Bonnie J. Gordon/
Classic Air Medical Pilot Geoff Rodgers, left, chats with visitors to his booth Saturday morning during ChamberFest 2019 in downtown Los Alamos. Photo by Carol A. Clark/
Going fishin'. Bonnie J. Gordon/
Chihuahua miniature pinscher mix Trixie, 9, and Yorkshire Terrier Monique, who turns 11 July 1, stop by to chat with the news team at the Los Alamos Daily Post booth during ChamberFest Saturday in downtown Los Alamos. Photo by Carol A. Clark/
Bubbling up. Bonnie J. Gordon/
Owner Andy Fox demonstrates the relaxing properties of a quality mattress on display Saturday outside CB FOX during ChamberFest 2019. Bonnie J. Gordon/
The Enterprise Bank Community Team from left, Carmen, Tammy, Donavan, Ashley, Elizabeth and Liddie. Courtesy photo
Taking a spin with the CB FOX discount wheel. Bonnie J. Gordon/
Atomy products from Korea. Bonnie J. Gordon/
Looking like a a pair of spies in these sunglasses. Bonnie J. Gordon/
Freshly popped goodness at Grandma Blue Corn's Kettle. Bonnie J. Gordon/
Family wheels through ChamberFest. Bonnie J. Gordon/
Jemez Riders urge biker awareness on the road. Bonnie J. Gordon/
UNM-Los Alamos Lobos talk about the college programs. Bonnie J. Gordon/
All that jazz. Bonnie J. Gordon/
A ChamberFest massage. Bonnie J. Gordon/
Queen of the Hill. Bonnie J. Gordon/
Bee Hive Homes in White Rock explains its services for older residents. Bonnie J. Gordon/
Pam Miller and Superintendent Kurt Steinhaus promote better schools and brighter futures at the Los Alamos Public Schools booth. Bonnie J. Gordon/
Trying out products at CB FOX Kidz. Bonnie J. Gordon/
The Broformers keep things up in the air. Bonnie J. Gordon/
Discover Los Alamos history at this booth. Bonnie J. Gordon/
It's raining money in this Del Norte Credit Union game. Bonnie J. Gordon/
The Los Alamos County Zero Waste Team. Bonnie J. Gordon/
Tiny pony. Bonnie J. Gordon/
Executive Director of Self Help Inc. Maura Tayler mans her booth with a little help from her new best friend. Bonnie J. Gordon/
LAPD keeps ChamberFest safe. Bonnie J. Gordon/