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Local Pharmacist Prepares 7th Volunteer Trip To Haiti

on February 6, 2019 - 8:43am

Haitian child. Photo by Katherine Fry

Los Alamos

Our beloved local Pharmacist Katherine Fry, also known as Katie, is headed back to Haiti and you have a chance to help.

Fry has volunteered for her seventh trip to do one of the many things she does best, care for her fellow man. Her daily job, as a Smith’s pharmacist comes in handy when she assists those who are ill and caring for the ill, with a path to healing.

On her trip, she will meet many people throughout her short stay and help them with immunizations, medicine and the simple donation of items that fill one’s daily life with ease.

Her last trip was in September 2018, with friend Elizabeth Hargreaves. 

“We saw over 2,500 patients with more patients traveling from the distant villages than usual, especially the last few days,” Fry said. “There is one village in particular that is very far up in the mountains and very poor, we saw quite a few of these villagers this time.”

Fry credits the WASH education team for traveling to Haiti in October. According to Fry, the team was able to access the village and teach hand washing and tooth brushing. The simple steps make a big difference. The team also was able to give out water filters.

While Fry needs to raise the funds to travel, our community can help in many ways. A list of all needed items is available at Items can be sent to the address and some items will be collected locally and taken by Fry. The concern is that items be small so they can be placed in personal luggage. Previous trips have found that not all of the bags arrive with the pharmacy team.

Our local Smith’s Marketplace Pharmacy, Fry’s home store, has donation jars on the counters and because she also spent many hours at the Smith’s White Rock Pharmacy, they will notify her when donations arrive.

Some of the many items needed include:

  • Multivitamin Infant Drops, 50-milliliter bottles – generic or brand;
  • Children’s Multivitamin Chewable Tablets – generic or brand but NO GUMMIES please;
  • Batteries (AA, AAA, 9V);
  • Sharpies (black, red, green);
  • Ballpoint pens (blue or black);
  • Rubber bands (regular size); and
  • Alcohol wipes.

Donated items come in handy, visualized here with a personal story from Fry, about her most recent trip.

“A family from Cap Rouge, a long walk down hill and even longer walk back up the mountain, came on the last day, four or six children with mom,” Fry said. “We were able to see all of them, unfortunately the younger children did not qualify for the feeding program as the mother had hoped. We were able to give them all vitamins and the school age children some preventive dental care.”

Dr. Fry appreciates anyway the local community can help. She hopes to make a presentation later this month about her trips. Secure online donations also may be made by clicking here.