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Letter To The Editor: To U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce

on July 16, 2017 - 7:34am
By that concerned citizen
Los Alamos

Mr. Pearce, we know in which direction you will be taking New Mexico. As a member of the Freedom Caucus you stood for a Republican Party that wants to push all governmental responsibility to the states while reducing their funding. With politicians like you, New Mexico will have the choice between higher state taxes or less services for New Mexicans.

On Health Care: You voted for the first version of the new healthcare bill – and as part of the Freedom Caucus were among a group of congressmen that wanted it to be even worse. With politicians like you, New Mexico will have worse health insurance and Medicaid programs – BTW, your party needs to learn proper English: Better means “of superior quality, morally superior or of superior suitability”. The Republican Party's “Better Healthcare Plan” does not fulfill any of these criteria for New Mexicans or any American - Better is the wrong adjective to describe this plan.

On being accessible to New Mexicans: after that disastrous healthcare vote you skipped the traditional town hall meetings in New Mexico. With politicians like you, New Mexico will have a leader in name only who does not have the guts to face New Mexicans when he puts blind ideology before the interest of the American people.

You presently have a job performance that harms the interest of New Mexico and you have no business to be governor in our state.