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Letter To The Editor: Syria

on April 12, 2017 - 7:35am
Los Alamos
The recent chemical attack (ID'ed as Sarin gas) is horrific, to be sure, whoever has done it. WAR IS HORRIFIC! When we respond to killing by killing more people, we only guarantee there will be further killing.
President Assad, in my opinion, has done exactly what the USA would do if faced with another civil war, i.e. fight the rebels.
In addition, the USA’s actions have been responsible for prolonging the dying and suffering of the Syrian people, and the millions of refugees from Syria and other states in the middle east. Yes, our country says we supported the rebels to promote democracy; all we’ve done is prolong the fighting and dying.
Gandhi said something I can’t quote exactly, but I take as a truth: the dying it matters not whether the killers come from a despotic, dictatorial state, or from a god-fearing, democratic state…