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Letter To The Editor: In support Of Rec Bond

on April 16, 2017 - 7:54am
7th Grader
White Rock

My name is Tommy and I am a seventh grader at Los Alamos Middle School. I support the Los Alamos Recreation Bond fully. I am involved in the Los Alamos Hockey Association and Los Alamos Youth Lacrosse League. These are only two organizations out of a whole bunch of others that could benefit from the bond passing.

There are a lot of projects on the bond, one of them is a Recreation Center, which would include gym space, a track and an indoor ice rink. Yes, we do have an ice rink, but some of the time we are unable to use it when we need to. For example, rain is horrible to the ice conditions and makes the ice bumpy and provides an unsafe and dangerous surface. Also, snow can cover the rink and then you spend the entire practice just trying to find the pucks. When the ice is bad, we are forced to cancel games and practices.

Our worst weather problem is the sun. We don’t get ice until mid-November because it is too warm to make it. Other teams start their season at the beginning of October. Then, the sun starts to shine on the rink again in February, which causes it to melt. Other organizations are practicing a lot during this time, getting ready for tournaments, and we are unable to practice. This is a huge problem because we as a county field some of the most competitive teams in the region and we have been off the ice for weeks when most other teams have been able to practice.

As a lacrosse player, we could use an indoor surface in the summer in case of thunder and lightning. Many other outdoor teams could also benefit from an indoor arena.

A Recreation Center is a must have in Los Alamos. This Arena would accommodate many different sports and organizations. Also, it would create a fun place to go and have fun. We could hold sports tournaments and create more money for the town when the visitors stay in our hotels and eat in our restaurants.

This Recreation Center is giving us a chance to make Los Alamos better. Please vote YES on the Rec Bond in May.