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Letter To The Editor: Show Me A Legal Immigrant Who Has Not Been Vetted

on April 11, 2017 - 8:17am
By That Concerned Citizen
Los Alamos

Reply to Martha Jones (link) and Dave Jones (link), thank you to both of you for some historical background on US immigration laws. That was definitely interesting for me as an immigrant that learned US history later in life. Some rules are puzzling for me in the context of modern history and that they have been applied in the past, does not make them right. It should rather be a lesson for a better future.

I do not feel knowledgeable enough to talk about the discussions in the Los Alamos County Council meeting but want to point out that bigger cities have reasons for declaration of safe zones that go far beyond the needs and dangers in our protected community, so you might have a point in this matter.

There is however one issue in Martha Jones letter that concerns me deeply, as it repeats another insinuation by our present administration that is simply not true. The statement about a need for more vetting is not considering US policies in place already and is not addressing any problem that needs to be solved. Thorough vetting is the norm in this country at least since 9/11, and some kind of vetting process is in place much longer. No immigrant or refugee can enter the US legally without vetting. For people e.g. from Europe this is weeks to months, for others it is many months up to years, before they can legally enter.

Any pretension that immigrants flood this country without any control is a lie and right-wing propaganda. It also leads to aggression by racist Americans against citizens that have darker skin or look middle eastern. Vetting is done already and doing more or “extreme” vetting is simply rhetoric to rile up people who want strong-arm solutions.

I believe that this community has a lot of common sense and that discussions here could lead voters to encourage their political leaders in both major parties to compromise between strengths in liberal and more conservative policies that are positive, optimistic and lessen the separations between the better of and the less fortunate. Right now this means to challenge an uncompromising, divisive and dishonest administration. Beyond Mr. (James) Robinson from the local GOP, I have only heard unconditional support for the Trump administration - which makes politics that is supposed to represent all American people look like a religious cult focusing on power over the people instead. This is not the America that shaped this planet over the major part of the 20th century. It is regressive, cynical and it still makes me feel that it is not safe to be an immigrant in this part of the country.

A final word to Mrs. Jones – Mr. Trump is President already for 2.5 months. If he wants his authority respected, he needs to start acting like a president and not like an immature bully in the school yard.