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Letter To The Editor: Recreation Bond Thoughts

on April 14, 2017 - 6:48pm

By Resident of Los Alamos

My property taxes have doubled for my half duplex in the past seven years. At the current rate of increase they double again in 10 years. My retired years will be funded by personal investments, social security, and not a pension fund.

I am speaking in behalf of all who live in town who will not have a pension fund and live off of social security. With the increase of our water rates, sewer rates and current bonds that the County will never retire, I am against a new recreational bond.

There are several large buildings in town that are empty. We have places for teens and seniors that are very nice and usable. There are low cost activities for families all around in the county and surrounding areas. The coaches in town want more space, how about the vacant old Smith’s location? And why do we need an indoor ice rink?

The proponents of the Recreation Bond say: “The bond will just cost you another $100 a year, or it will just cost you $20 a month more.” All those little “non inflation” additions are adding up to be inflation and a burden upon everyone with a fixed income.