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Letter To The Editor: New Gun Laws

on March 16, 2019 - 10:54am
Los Alamos
Astonishingly, our newspapers report that 25 New Mexico counties and most of our 33 sheriffs have backed the view that laws are of no use in preventing crimes. What, you say, that cannot be an accurate news presentation? But it is, much more than the sheriffs and counties realize.
Consider: The argument presented is that bad people will ignore the new laws on registering gun sales transactions and the law will be difficult to enforce. But these same arguments apply to laws against murder, assault, rape, robbery, theft, fraud, DWI, ... you name it.
Now wait, you say, doing those things is not protected by the Second Amendment! Indeed not. The laws against doing those things are there to protect our rights that precede all of the amendments: Our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And it is especially difficult to maintain those rights after someone shoots you.
Furthermore, the laws not only apply to those out to acquire guns for nefarious purposes -- they deter those who would illegally provide those guns. How? When anyone is caught using or in possession of a weapon illegally obtained, you can be sure that their lawyer will try to arrange a plea deal whereby they get a reduced sentence in return for revealing their source: the provider of the weapon, who will then be charged, also. So now you had better think twice about providing guns to those who would misuse them, as you, the gun provider, are now also at risk.
So you see, the law has a strong positive effect without any action on the part of sheriffs or counties. And it does so without infringing on the rights of any legitimate gun owner to obtain one. Some inconvenience, yes. But isn't that worth it to keep school kids safer? Or do you want to abolish TSA and allow guns, knives, and hand-grenades on aircraft also? I think we can agree that TSA is a much greater inconvenience.