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Letter To The Editor: Let's Bring Our Small Town Into The 21st Century ... Vote Yes On Rec Bond

on April 19, 2017 - 12:11pm
Los Alamos
As a facilities coordinator for the AAU basketball teams (GO, LA SLAM!) and a member of the Hilltopper Basketball Association (HBA), I can confirm that facilities for sports and recreational activities in Los Alamos are scarce.
Organizations such as youth basketball, soccer, volleyball, adult basketball, roller derby (youth and adult), pickleball, fencing, and martial arts are all competing (i.e. "fighting")over limited space.
Los Alamos is an active town, with diverse and varied interest. We have been limited by lack of facilities for far too long. My children will most likely not benefit from the new Recreation Center, but I am happy to look beyond today and consider the future needs of our community.
Voting Yes for the Recreation Bond is an imperative for the youth, adults, and the community of Los Alamos. Let's bring our small town into the 21st century.