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Letter To The Editor: Gratitude For YHRY Success

on August 10, 2019 - 9:12am
By Sarah M. Crotzer and Madelyn G. Crotzer
Sisters and Co-founders of Youth Helping Refugee Youth
This summer’s Youth Helping Refugee Youth (YHRY) drive to collect supplemental school-related items was a wonderful success! A huge thank you to all the youth and adults who contributed in some way to the effort!
Donations included 160 new pairs of teen boy socks, 216 new pairs of teen girl socks, 92 twin-packs of antiperspirant deodorant, 89 new earbuds, and 22 Walmart gift cards ($25 each, for use in purchasing class-specific items).
Also included were uplifting stickers, small decorative items to clip to backpacks, and a bundle of “friendship notecards” in which local youth offered words of encouragement for a successful school year and invited a refugee student to be friends on social media in a modern-day take on pen pals.
The items collected will help over 85 recently-resettled middle- and high-school refugee youth in Albuquerque whose families needed a little help with school readiness.
The donations were delivered the first week of August to Lutheran Family Services in Albuquerque, where staff members help newly-arrived refugees find housing and employment and enroll their children in school. On the day of delivery, refugee students had just finished summer school and they are now gearing up for the new school year. The YHRY items alleviate hardship and provide an element of joy for these students.
With the help of the 2019 YHRY advisory board members who worked so diligently with us, this year’s effort was able to reach more youth in our community and resulted in about twice as many donations as last year. We are grateful to the organizations who hosted a public donation box, including The Family YMCA, the Los Alamos Teen Center and Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church. Thank you!

We hope that by sharing the results of this summer’s Youth Helping Refugee Youth initiative with everyone in the community, all can be uplifted.

Donated items. Courtesy photo