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Letter To The Editor: Do We Need More Bread And Circus In Los Alamos?

on April 18, 2017 - 5:31pm
Los Alamos
I am somewhat perplexed that the County is pushing for a "recreational bond".
With the county freezing hirings on critical positions in the fire and police departments and with uncertainty on whether the next national laboratory contract will be a for-profit or nonprofit, this does not seem to be the time to burden the county taxpayer with more debt.
Adding more facilities will require not only bond payments but added staffing and budget line items to maintain them. The result will be more of a burden on the taxpayer. Meanwhile, the county remains a one horse economy, LANL, and vulnerable to Federal budget cuts.
I think its time we passed on the fun stuff and concentrated on truly diversifying the economy with strategic investments that will bring more business here. The empty storefronts on the east side of town in what has become the Mari-Mac Ghost Town do not speak well for our ability to maintain the infrastructure we already have.
And frankly, there are already plenty of recreational things to do around Los Alamos for anyone with an ounce of initiative.