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Letter To The Editor: This Could Happen To You...

on April 19, 2017 - 8:44am
Los Alamos
As everyone's voicing their opinions on "current immigration policies"... here's what's actually happening. My mother is "at this very moment", being fingerprinted, and back ground checked at a facility in Santa Fe. My mother, Lilly, is a "legal immigrant" with a permanent green card for almost 60 years. She's the wife of a retired U.S. Army Major. My father is a veteran of Korea and Viet Nam. My mother has a social security card, a U.S. military ID card, and a New Mexico drivers license ... and has been a New Mexico resident for well over 30 years. She has a perfect driving record.
She attempted to renew her drivers license. The new criteria is: you must have a birth certificate or a valid passport. My mother has never had a birth certificate ... they didn't have those in Germany back then; were only issued a "baptismal certificate"; that doesn't count. Her passport is expired, since she doesn't travel outside the U.S. any longer. As a nearly last resort; they used her "alien green card number"... the computer came back with: "invalid number". We're told that the New Mexico MVD computer has problems communicating with Homeland Security computers. And now ... "my mother" is at immigration in Santa Fe, being treated like an "illegal immigrant"; for the time being.
Some of you might ask; "why didn't your mother become a U.S. citizen?" Funny thing; she tried to do that once. At the time; she couldn't complete the process because you had to "physically" reside in the U.S. for 10 years, and unfortunately for us; my father was stationed "overseas".
At this moment; I am "very" concerned ... I can only imagine how frightening this is for my mother. If I wasn't frightened; as well, I might very well be horrifically angry. I'm fairly sure that I'm losing what's left of my mind. Technically; at this moment, my mother could be detained and/or deported! That seems incredibly absurd, and totally ridiculous ... but true! This is what we've become?!
Seems to me something has gone very wrong with the obsession of "keeping the bad folks out".