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Legal Hemp Comes To Los Alamos

on July 13, 2017 - 5:30am
Linda Casias of Float Los Alamos shows off a wide variety of legal hemp products carried at her business. Photo by Bonnie J. Gordon/
Los Alamos Daily Post

Legal hemp has made it to Los Alamos and is being sold at Float Los Alamos. Owners Linda Casias and her husband Carlos began carrying a number of products containing hempabout 10 months ago, she said.

“A client recommended we should be carrying it and we did some research,” she said. “We found out it is perfectly legal in New Mexico.”

Float Los Alamos carries oils, tinctures, capsules and even honey containing legal hemp. Marijuana grown for recreational purposes contains high levels of the compound THC which has psychoactive properties. Recently, attention has been directed at another chemical compound in hemp, CBD, which is believed by some researchers to have medicinal properties. hemp can be selectively bred for CBD levels and next to zero levels of THC. CBD does not cause a high, Casias said. A medical marijuana card is not required to purchase legal hemp products.

“It’s a great replacement for pain meds,” Casias said. “It has changed the lives of some of our clients.”

Other clients use cannabis for anxiety, depression, stress and even fighting cancer, she said, adding that she has been able to give up her sleep medication now that she uses legal hemp products.

“We’re programmed to receive CBD through receptors in our brain and nervous system,” Casias said.

Cannabis products are so safe they can be used for children with ADHD, Casias said. Even pets can safely use the products, she said.

How about drug testing? Will legal hemp show up on them?

In all probability, no, Casias said, though she makes no guarantees. Research has shown that commercially produced products have almost zero THC, which is the chemical tested for in drug tests that detect marijuana use. Products made at home or purchased at a farmer’s market, for example may contain enough THC to cause users to test positive, she said.

“We’ve been surprised at how popular these products have been,” Casias said. “We want the community to know about this.”

Hemp products can be purchased at Float Los Alamos, 927 Central Ave., near the DMV. Call them at 505.695.9234 for hours and information.