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Learn Swimming With Mountain Club

on September 16, 2019 - 8:16am

Mountain Club News:

If you are thinking about taking a dip in the pool, Mountain Club is right here for you.

Swimming is perfect for both physical and mental health, including weight loss, stress-relief, and reducing the risk of heart disease. It helps you feel healthier and happier, inside and outside.

Health benefits of swimming:

Not only swimming is a life-saving water skill, but also regular exercise is crucial for staying in shape.

  • Muscles: swimming is a full body workout that engages muscles from your head to toes. Regular laps will help you burn fat, tone muscles and increase your overall strength.
  • Joints: swimming allows you to exercise without putting strain on your joints like running and biking. With the water supporting the weight of your body, the risk of joint problems is reduced.
  • Major organs: swimming increases your heart rate, and pumps more blood around your body, which will develop greater lung capacity and reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Mental: swimming can ease anxiety, making you feel positive and upbeat, and helping you sleep better.

How to become a swimmer: sign up with Mountain Club

  • Schedule your individual lessons.
  • Sign up the Novice program.
  • Join our Master or Age groups program if you want to learn more.

The programs Mountain Club offers: choose one from the following to fit your needs.

  • Club individual lessons ($75/session): open to all ages.

Learn basic water skills, such as kicking, breathing, basic strokes (free and back). Three lessons each session, 30 minutes each lesson.

  • Novice group ($30 /month): open to all ages.

Provide more instructed practices during or after club individual lessons for swimmers to get easy with water and develop the necessary endurance to swim 25 yards with freestyle and backstroke.

  • Age groups ($80 or $50 /month): focus on kids.

Learn more complicated strokes and skills, such as breaststroke, butterfly, starts, and turns.

  • Master group ($40 /month): focus on adults.

Learn more complicated strokes and skills, such as breaststroke, butterfly, starts, and turns.

More information? Contact Coach Anna Zhang at 505.662.1900.

Email: or for lessons ONLY