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Lauritzen: Life After 50 ... Baked Goods With Members

on October 1, 2019 - 9:51am

Baked goods from Pig & Fig Cafe. Courtesy image

Executive Director
When I arrived at the local seniors centers, I began a one-hour monthly stint, at each center. I call it, Baked Goods with Bernadette, which finally gave me the ability to bake once a month, and spend time with our members.
I recall wanting to be a member about 12 years ago when I attended meetings at the White Rock Center, and saw they had people that also loved to bake.
We discuss any topic, compliment or complaint and suggestions for programming they would like to see. The first event had a senior asking me if I would start a singles group. While it took me a few months to get on my feet, the month of September held their first event. It is open to those 50 and up and you must be a member to learn about certain events.
Membership is $20 annually for those 50-59, but free for anyone 60 and up. Our first gathering was at the Pyramid Café and the staff was gracious in hosting us for our first event. The October events will be open to the public in hopes of finding some new faces. Oct. 11, at 9 a.m., we will meet for coffee at the Pig and Fig in White Rock. Oct. 25, at 12:30 p.m., we will meet here at the Betty Ehart Senior Center, for some interactive games.
I decided to host the Fun, Fellowship and Friendship events on Fridays for October, to entice a few laboratory folks over who might be off on a Friday. You see, not everyone is retired that joins in our merriment, but I am happy to recruit you once you turn 50. My role is perfunctory, I set the event, get it kicked off, then remove myself. I will however be game master on the 25th. To have your name added to the list, contact me at
Those needing a boost in their wellness can try a new Monday program, starting the Oct. 7, 10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., also for adults 50 and up. Art As Wellness, will be hosted by Art Therapy student Lauren Sherwood.
Sherwood is a student from Southwestern College Santa Fe, who will take those skilled or unskilled in art, through a discussion based art program. The ability to create, in a safe place, enhances wellbeing, self-esteem and more. Sherwood, along with fellow art therapy student, Jane McConnell hosted a successful art based grief group and plan for more in the future. Those wishing to learn more about dates and availability can also contact me for plans to offer a similar program.
If you can donate some art supplies for the free program, we’d love to have them. You can contact us at 505.662.8920 or drop supplies off, at either center. The item most in need is 24” X 18” paper, cardstock and drawing materials. Sign-ups for the program will be available at the front desk of both centers, but interested parties are welcome to just drop by and come and go as you please.