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LAPS Announces Theme For 2017-2018 School Year

on August 10, 2017 - 4:44pm

LAPS News:

Today, Los Alamos Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Kurt Steinhaus unveiled the theme for 2017-2018: Show Up! It Matters!

“We are incentivizing students to arrive at school ready to fully engage in learning,” Steinhaus said.

This year’s theme will also help inspire parents and staff to encourage our students about all aspects of success at school, including eating well, getting enough sleep, and arriving on time to class.

Analysis of LAPS data revealed that attendance and tardies are two key factors in student well-being and academic achievement, Steinhaus said. The theme Show Up! It Matters! is a data-driven initiative about how to encourage and incentivize student success. All eight of the public schools in Los Alamos are part of this system’s approach to continuous improvement., he said.


  • Fostering healthy life skills
  • Asking for help, when needed
  • Creating a positive climate about school
  • Taking ownership of grades and homework and regularly checking PowerSchool
  • Building strategies conducive to learning
  • Sustaining a positive perspective about school

“Let’s keep in mind, if we don’t Show Up! we will miss important learning opportunities,” Steinhaus said.


  • Setting goals for learning
  • Helping students use innovative educational practices
  • Sharing a common vision
  • Listening to and elevating student voices
  • Empowering students to take ownership of their learning
  • Working together to help create the “it matters” mentality
  • Inspiring student connectedness and parental involvement in school
  • Helping to foster supportive learning environments at school and at home
  • Ensuring that our students feel safe, challenged and accepted

“Let’s keep in mind, It Matters! to each and every student, parent and LAPS staff member,” Steinhaus said.

“I greatly appreciate LAPS staff members for loyally showing up and making a positive difference for students. The theme for this school year is simply a motivational reminder. “Show Up! It Matters!”

“I want to ensure that our teachers and staff know that we recognize their hard work and dedication. Every day, staff are inside and outside the classroom helping students with new learning about better ways to read, write, and understand mathematical calculations.

I encourage students, parents, community members, and staff to join the Los Alamos Public Schools team to take ownership of “Show Up! It Matters!” during the 2017-2018 school year.