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Just One Thing To Do This Week: Watch For Tracks

on January 4, 2018 - 8:50am
Los Alamos
Happy New Year!
This greeting among friends is frequently followed by a discussion about New Year resolutions. This is the time when we reflect on the past year, and it’s a time when we contemplate what we can improve on in the coming year. And this year, like every year, I have resolutions and the best of intentions. I am not sure where this will get me.
I have been thinking a lot lately about getting back on track, and of course, this is the optimal week to do so. Except, I realize, I can’t think of when I have might have actually been on track for any notable length of time, which makes the getting back on part hard to achieve.
The few times in the past when I felt like I was finally on track I would soon see a light bearing down on me. As the light grew rapidly closer and more intense I realized I was indeed on track, but headed in the wrong direction. I quickly jumped off track to avoid a collision. I lay there, in the gravel, sprawled on my belly for a good amount of time before I could dust myself off, stand on my own, and limp off into the sunset, all the while planning to try again another day.
Often times, goals are set and resolutions are made because we think that’s what we’re supposed to do.
In the past I haven’t always made my resolutions out of what’s most important and desirable for me, but rather based on the flat belly, thin thighs, and well-organized home pressures that leap at me from the covers of magazines. But if the resolution is going to be successful, the motivation must come from within, not from the outside.
This year I am going to be honest with myself and figure out what is most important and valuable to me. It might take a while to get a clear picture of those priorities, but that’s okay, I have time. It really doesn’t have to start this week (I read that in a magazine).
I do commit to making an effort to be healthier, to be more available to my family and friends, and to be more active in my contributions to a kind and loving society. But, I am not going to worry about finding a track. Tracks will take you to where many people have been before and I am ready to go somewhere new.