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Just One Thing To Do This Week: Pick It Up

on April 14, 2017 - 7:31am

Los Alamos

Easter is my favorite holiday for several reasons: When the kids are little, Easter lasts all day. As long as you have the energy to hide the eggs, the kiddos will have energy to find them. It is more about the engagement than the gifts.

Christmas is busy, demanding, overwhelming, expensive, and then in blur of gift wrap it is over by 10 a.m., and the kids are once again waiting to be entertained … at least that was my experience any way.

Cooking for Easter is way easier than cooking for any other holiday. The ham is pretty much heat and eat, ready to go, your guests bring a few side dishes, bingo! You are done! People just don’t have high expectations for an Easter meal. Those are the kind of expectations I can meet. Easter is a time for new beginnings. Second chances. Rebirth. Renewal. All of the benefits of New Year’s Day without brouhaha, the pressure to commit to a resolution and hopefully with better weather.

This year I am fully-investing in my Easter rebirth and renewal philosophy and recommitting to all the things I have been working on since New Year’s Day. That includes drinking more water, eating less sugar, taking better care of my body, and being more thoughtful about how I spend my time.

So, I know this part is going to sound a little crazy, but one way I like to spend my spare time is picking up litter. I find it rewarding. I live a mile down a dirt road.

And when I drive down that road and there is litter, it makes me sad and a little angry. From picking up the litter I have developed a lifestyle profile of people who litter. They only eat fast food. They drink beer from exceptionally large cans and hard liquor from little teeny bottles. And they know enough to realize trash in their car is a bad thing, but for some reason they think trash on the road is acceptable. I don’t get that.

I don’t understand that. It makes me a little crazy. But if I spend an hour picking up trash I feel like I have done something good for my neighborhood and the planet and I think that is worthwhile. So I am committing to doing more of that as well.

For my Easter festivities I am going to treat my litter pick up like it is an Easter egg hunt. As long as I keep finding it I will continue to pick it up. I will let you know how long I last.

If you are interested in picking up litter, too, but you don’t want to do it alone, our community is coming together to collect trash and recyclables from Los Alamos neighborhoods and public places on the morning of April 29. If you want to participate you can get more information at the Los Alamos County website.