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James Lind Charged With Fourth Offense DWI

on July 12, 2017 - 6:42am
Los Alamos Daily Post

James K. Lind, 50 of Los Alamos was arrested July 8 and charged with fourth offense driving under the influence after Los Alamos Police officers responded to two calls reporting a reckless driver coming up the main hill road driving 10 miles an hour.

The same vehicle had been called in to LAPD Dispatch earlier driving on N.M. 4 and Rover Boulevard in White Rock.

Cpl. Jaime Gonzales spotted the vehicle parked just north of the intersection of Diamond Drive and Sandia. As he approached the truck, the driver allegedly attempted to leave until Gonzales activated his emergency equipment.

Lind was identified by his driver’s license and Gonzales allegedly observed that his eyes were bloodshot and his speech was slurred and smelled an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the truck.

Lind allegedly admitted to having two shots of vodka and a beer two hours prior. Gonzales commenced sobriety testing and observed that Lind had issues with balance.

Lind allegedly asked Gonzales at one point to just let him go home and at another point if he could just get a break and go home.

Later he allegedly said, “What is the point?” and raised his hands as if to have them handcuffed. When Gonzales performed breathalyzer tests on Lind, his blood alcohol levels were .30 and .32.

On checking Lind’s driving, Gonzales determined that Lind had three prior DWI charges.