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It’s Hip To Be Square! Mountain Mixers Offer Square Dance Lessons

on January 26, 2019 - 10:35am

Mountain Mixers Square Dance Club to hold dance lessons Sunday. Courtesy photo

Mountain Mixers Square Dance Club

My wife and I have been square dancing for 40 years. When people learn this they almost invariably say, “Oh yes I did that back in elementary school, or middle school.” 

Well square dancing has changed and evolved since then into what we call modern square dancing today.

The community is invited to come experience modern square dancing through set of classes that the Mountain Mixers Square Dance Club and the Los Alamos County Parks and Recreation are sponsoring.

Originally, the classes were scheduled to begin Jan. 13 but it was canceled due to the snowfall. As a result, the classes begin at 2 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 27 at the Pueblo Complex gym on Diamond Drive.

Square dancing is a fun, easy to learn social dance with eight people dancing as a group called a “square”. The group dances to music while moving in formations as directed by a “caller”.

The choreography is done by the caller. Then dancers only have to know how to perform the individual calls.

The dance is broken up with pauses (to mingle and snack). When it resumes different squares may be formed so you get to dance with a lot of different people!

Anybody curious about this form of social dancing to come Sunday and get a taste of modern square dancing. Participants may come with or without a partner.

The dress is casual ... wear some comfortable shoes.