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Inspirational People: When No One Is Looking…

on March 16, 2019 - 10:08am
Los Alamos Daily Post

Sitting in my car in a parking lot returning phone calls a while ago, I noticed something that got me thinking about how people behave when no one is looking.

On this day and some 30 yards away, a woman sat alone on a small bench behind the Blue Window Bistro facing Deacon Street.

Her sudden movement caught my eye as she rose and walked a few feet to retrieve a small paper bag the breeze blew in her direction. She placed it in a nearby trash receptacle.

Apparently on a break from the restaurant, she returned to her bench.

As I continued a phone conversation, once again the woman spotted more trash and walked over to pick it up and throw it out.

She returned to her bench to rest a little while longer before heading back inside the restaurant.

So why does this even matter? No one was around to see her … she could so easily have left that trash to scatter in the breeze … to become someone else’s problem. But she didn’t. No one was looking and no one would have known. But she knew and to me that speaks to her character.

I’ve noticed others in our community just like her ... living life with quiet integrity ... not talking about or making a public display of their actions, simply doing good when the opportunity arises.

These are the inspirational people living among us who contribute enormously to our community without ever saying a word.