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I can't see ladailypost videos. All I see is a black box. What can I do?

The world of video for the Internet is in flux. The past standard method for displaying video on the Internet has been through an Adobe Flash plug-in. A new standard where no plug-in is required (video is display directly by browsers rather than using an external plug-in) is rapidly evolving. New standards in HTML5 specify how video is handled by browsers. You can read about HTML5 Video HERE.

Google's Youtube is the leader in the use of video on the Internet. We will keep an eye on Youtube and the standards as they develop. Currently, we still recommend that you install the Adobe Flash video player if you have trouble playing LADailyPost videos. 

You can download Adobe Flash directly from HERE. (Note that you will be asked if you would like to include McAfee Security Scan Plus. Uncheck the check box if you do not want McAfee to be installed on your system.)

If you would like to join Youtube trail of the HTML5 video player you can do that HERE.